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About Phi Chi Epsilon

Phi Chi Epsilon is a fraternity on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The organization was founded as a local fraternity in April, 1921, and has maintained no national affiliations throughout its existence.

Phi Chi Epsilon is the oldest active fraternity at UW-Whitewater. When paired with the longevity of Alpha Sigma, the oldest active sorority on campus, this creates an atypical scenario where both senior fraternity and sorority are local.

The colors of Phi Chi Epsilon are black and gold and are represented by a skull and cross bones on both flag and fraternity crest. The founding members of Phi Chi Epsilon were Clark Larkin, Clyde Jungbluth, William Olsen, and Leonard J. Sheehan. Dwight M. Warner was the first pledge, or "Skunk".

Officers for the Alumni of Phi Chi Epsilon:

  • President: Mark Wussow, '04
  • Vice-President: Jim Trier, '56
  • Secretary: Peter Bockhorst, '78
  • Treasurer: Peter Marsden, '06

Web Team members:

  • Ron Bailey, '71
  • Chris Couture, '94
  • Rick Cozatt, '69
  • Ken Johnson, '67
  • Mike Kollross, '66
  • Lou Piokowski, '67

Dwight Warner Scholarship Award Team:

  • Clayton Drullard
  • Jim Trier
  • Ken Johnson
  • Jon Kachel
  • Randy Cruse
  • Laurie Miller and the staff of the UWW Foundation